One of the major themes of Matatu Express is empowerment. It's about people taking charge of themselves and their communities. Sometimes that takes a helping hand. Here's a way for you to contact the people involved in the film directly. You can reach out and kick in a donation, a small loan, volunteer, or maybe just get in touch with them directly to find out more. It's up to you; but remember - what seems like a small gesture to you can make an enormous difference in somebody else`s life.

Jah Hill brought to light the wonderful work that Pamoja FM does in Kibera. It is an amazing community radio station that provides essential discourse and culture to Kibera.

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You can tell from the soundtrack of Matatu Express, that the Hustlers' possess a unique talent. But they need to pay for equipment and studio time. They also deserve major props and encouragement for their impressive sound, so contact them through their facebook page - and remember to `like`them, post on their wall, or email them directly.

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Email the Hustlers Directly Here:


Mohammed worked at the Kibera Girls Soccer Academy. Here is a link to their site, you can also find them on facebook.

Click Here for the Kibera Girls Soccer Academy Web Site

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Millicent helped expose the essential work that the Matibabu Health Clinic provides. See below how you can find out how to help them directly.

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Click Here for the Matibabu Web Site.



James helped highlight a division of the Kibera Youth Initiative called the Bridge of Hope - a youth organization that is actively helping young people develop positive change in Kibera.

Click Here to find out more about the Bridge of Hope

Click Here to find out more about the Kibera Youth Initiative


I couldn`t have made this film without Peter. Not only was he an amazing guide with a wealth of knowledge about Kibera, he is an incredible photographer. He took many of the production photos on this site and in this blog.

You can contact Peter directly here: