Ma-Ta-Tu: (eng):
Swahili word for mini-bus or taxi that cheaply transports people.

Matatu Express is an independent documentary film about the everyday struggles of  next generation slum dwellers in Kibera; one of Africa’s largest slums in Nairobi, Kenya.  The plan of the documentary is to present a truthful portrayal of young people adapting to hardship and overcoming obstacles.  Matatu Expresss will consist of a one person camera crew following a select few people that live in Kibera over a course of a few days, providing the viewer with an accurate and non-judgemental experience of life within a slum. In addition, the film will feature a soundtrack featuring local Kiberan hip hop perfomers The Hustlers

As a result of this film, it is hoped that the viewer will gain an education of slum life and reflect on the themes of poverty, survival and injustice within the film.   The film will also highlight one or more community agencies with direct involvement in Kibera by providing a web address and contact information for viewers to learn more about what they can do to assist people in communities such as Kibera, and help put an end to poverty.

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