*UPDATE - Matatu Now Available on DVD!!!*

You can now order your copy of Matatu Expess from Amazon by clicking here. The DVD includes 2 versions of the film (short - 6 min.) and (long - 22min). Special features include a tour of Kibera, an interview with a Matatu Driver and an amazing freestyle from The Hustlers!

Order yours today!



PLEASE NOTE: This event has been cancelled due to a scheduling conflict, sorry everyone. Please stay tuned here for upcoming screenings.

Next screening in Collingwood, Ontario at the historic Gayety Theater

with The Ponzi Scheme and Cinemall

161 Hurontario Street, Collingwood, Ont. Click here for more info.


There is currently an extended limited run at the Projection Booth.

You can still catch it Monday Feb. 13 - Thursday Feb. 16 at 1PM only.

I'm very happy to announce that Matatu Express will be screened from Feb. 3 - 9, 2012 at the historic Projection Booth Cinema in Toronto, Canada. The film will be screened with two other excellent films entitled Cinemall and The Ponzi Scheme. Here are the following showtimes.

Feb 3 - 7pm

Feb 4 - 1pm

Feb 6 - 9pm

Feb 7 - 9pm

Feb 8 - 9pm

Feb 9 - 9pm

The Projection Booth is located at 1035 Gerrard St. East at Jones.

For more information, please visit projectionbooth.ca



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